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Naked nails and New Beginnings: Part 2

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

For the past few weeks I was really out of it, emotionally. I kept trying to maintain my smile but somewhere deep down there was a hole. I could feel the cold draft seeping into my bones making me uncomfortable to the point I felt like I wasn’t good enough to reach my set goals. I am ashamed to say I felt close to worthless. I began feeling like I couldn't accomplish anything, that I should just give up and my little steps I am taking aren't enough. I wasn’t recognizing myself and who I was becoming. I began to not to trust myself. I questioned everything I did, hell, I was so paranoid I thought everyone was criticizing me. But last night, I said something. I reached out to my best friend and told him what was on my mind, to the best of my ability.

So I did what allowed me to be free from my attacker, I spoke up.

I reached out for help.

You see, When I feel a whiff of worthlessness pass, I feel like everything about me is useless, Including my thoughts, feelings and especially my voice. So, speaking up last night was a big deal, and having someone there to understand was exactly what I needed.

In this case my best friend was there all along watching, taking notes and preparing to catch me if I fell. He pointed out that the reason I was feeling so down was because I was drowning in negativity. I thought he was just doing the standard “surround yourself with positivity and good things will come” talk. But there was more, He listed his observations as explicitly as he could, he told me that I gave too many f*cks.

“You’re too nice, It gives too much of an opportunity to get over on you.” said friend

I looked at him with shock like,

I was so busy being trying to not inconvenience anyone that I stopped protecting myself. I would go so far out of my way to avoid confrontation that I would convince myself that everything is fine when things were in fact not fine. Everything he said to me all tied back to me protecting myself and creating my own happiness in being aware that I am safe and knowing that things are already better.

Yea, so this lesson is all about the protection of oneself. Once you recognize that you are safe, (If you are willing to) grow and prosper.

Of course this applies to your nails. Don't let everyday tasks get in between the of your protection of your nail and of course your well being. Tasks like washing dishes, folding clothes or even opening car doors are known to cause a nail to break. I can testify that in a blink of an eye your nails can easily snap and

And don't you dare cry over that broken nail, with time and only through many "snaps" will your nails become strong enough to stop at just "bending" .

Babygirl, just know that in the long journey we are taking to the peak of self love mountain, the number tool you need is the knowledge that you are worthy of love and protection. If you see value in growing your nails and taking time to care for your body then you will continue to love your nails "nubs" or claws".

Check out our info-graph of how to protect your nails.

Comment below any personal tips/tricks of how you keep your nails safe and healthy.

Stay Blessed,

Daneesha V.

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