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Naked Nails and New Beginnings.

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

My nubs are a sight for sore eyes.

I've been wearing my ballerina shoe acrylics for the past few months. I've been refilling, soaking off, and re applying 'til my hearts content. After each soak off I could see my nails growth progress, It was like seeing my little babies grow into little ladies. My nails were growing past my finger tips, a first in the past four years.

My nails were so brittle the would crack all the time.

While it may be a common misconception that acrylics are damaging to your nails (and my nasty nail ridges may agree), but I would argue that it's all about the acrylic removal process and the nail care afterwards.

What actually damages your nails are poor nail technicians.

These past months, I've experienced a plethora of nail technicians; cheap ones, dilly-daddlers, over-achievers and just plain talented. I went to salons all over the DMV area in the name of beauty. At one point I thought "Hmm, maybe I should become a secret nail salon reviewer" since trying out new salons is apparently my new hobby. Regardless, I still learned the most important lesson: It was the cheap ones that costs the most (if you catch my drift).**shudders, My nubs are still trying to recover.

Aurora, "Dawn of a new day"

On a serious note (a rare occasion) My nails are naked for a reason. This past week has been a storm of trials and tribulations. I painted, mixed my own polishes and watched over my kitty (Aurora) all in the comfort of my home. My home/ studio was a place of peace and creativity.

I was attacked earlier this week in my home. Not to downplay the assault but in the process of fighting off the attacker my nail's took a snap, a few crackles and (if my tips were still on) pops. Grateful that I soaked off my acrylics two days prior, my natural nails still managed to receive severe damage. My body was sore, my mind was confused and fearful but thankfully I wasn't alone when it came down to defending myself from the assault. Now that I have moved out to safety and moved on to recovery, So must my nails.

With all things negative, there is always a positive. With this assault, an idea was sparked. That instead of searching all over the Potomac for a perfect accumulation of a nail guru, costumer service, price and hygiene, Why not just do your own fr**king nails? So off on a tangent I went!

Welcome to my tangent.

-Daneesha V.


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