• Daneesha V.

How I grew My Nails From Nubs to Studs in Just 2 Months!

A quick read on how I grew my nails to my desired nail length in 60 days. From short and nubby to strong and long, my nails have completely flipped from comatose to thriving.

Happy Birthday month to me! Every first of April I like to do a little self-evaluation, This evaluation extends to several aspects of my life including my leisure activities like nail art. I take this time to assess where I am concerning my life, health, and career goals. It’s been a while since I've posted, but I stepped away from you all in the name of nail health experimenting! I have searched the web and searched textbooks near and far, all to master the art of obtaining visible nail growth. I’ve tried various types of methods I found when researching “Ways to grow your nails“. Methods including avoiding water and consistently pushing my cuticles (gently) and the trimming of my nails. With only falling short of taking prenatal pills, I was running out of options.

My nails were too weak to stay long and would break once it reached a certain length. Nail enamel (Polish, gel, even acrylic) can be beneficial to your nails growth, but it is ultimately up to how you care for your nails. It makes nails stronger and less prone to shedding, peeling or any other types of breakage. As the plasticizer in the nail enamel harden the nail is less prone to break. Think of it as your nails having a smooth shield to cover them in the event of major trauma (Cracking/ Splitting). Alternatively, if your nails are extremely weak using nail polish can further weaken them, you can combat this by using a base coat to specially formulated to improve nail strength. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance that you remove the enamel properly. So a nail polish-holic I became, collecting all types of indies, new-releases, and even purchasing some mysterious gel polishes.

In the case of Daneesha V. Nail's growth, my nail polish was not standing a chance. Constant nail breaking and trimming the other nine to match was not the move. Something needed to change, and I already had the answer at the bottom of my nail art drawer:

Polish, Gel polish.

Gel polish is a type of nail enamel product that comes in a variety of viscosity. Gel polish is known for the longevity of its wear and its quick-drying/UV light combination, a nail art DREAM! -but could it be used to ensure visible nail growth? What are those spooky lights for and most importantly, is it safe? JAMA Network did a study on the side effects of using gel polish in 2015. A peer-reviewed medical association, They enlightened me to the possible (minimal) risk of skin cancer. JAMA stated, "We concur with previous authors in recommending the use of physical blocking sunscreens or UV-A protective gloves to limit the risk of carcinogens and photoaging.” If you are going to use gel and expose yourself to possibly harmful UV rays, then protect your skin with gloves or sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

With a dab is sunscreen, and a swish of nail cleanser to remove oil on the nail plate, I was well on my way to reaching my nail goal, of growing my nails past my finger’s edge. I started using gel to practice the marble trend. I was told it was easier to attempt with gel, so to the local nail supply I went! I didn't know it was a slippery slope until I saw how the marble effect came out way better than with nail polish. I was just happy just to have a free edge in this photo. I remember being very nervous about touching anything for fear of breaking them. These were the longest my nails had ever grown. There have been few bumps and mishaps but only one nail has broken. Yes, with only one causality in 2 months of nail growth, I have achieved some serious growth with the help of gel polish.

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