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Happily Varnished: My Quarantine Nail Art

Art has long been the means used to convey a message of the times. Since nail art is a type of art, that makes me one of the many nail-artists' out there trying to figure out a way to cope in these unfamiliar times. Fortunately, I am still able to pass time by going to work and commuting, but I recognize that not everyone has that ability. This a serious and deadly virus, and I take it seriously by doing my part in social distancing and consistent hand washing. As an effort to cope I created an expression of the anxiety and uncertainty I have been feeling.

Bubbly Subs and Studs

I used a hi-light blue pigment as the base and, Artistic Color Gloss 'Bon Appe- Teal' and my virus blobs. The glitters and Crystal studs were both from my local nail supply, Nasia. I thought for a while on the type of approach to take to a challenge like turning an illness to nail art. As a design that I plan on wearing for two weeks minimum, I wanted something that made me happy. Things that sparkle make me happy.

Artistic Color Gloss 'Bon Appe-Teal' and Crystal Studs

Hourly reminder to wash your hands and moisturize your cuticles! I pray everyone is staying safe where ever you are (comment below :)) Thank you so much for reading this week's post, remember to subscribe to get notified when a new Varnished tip is posted.

Have a healthy week everyone!

-Daneesha V.

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