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Fashion Inspired Mani: Stars and Glitter!

I hope everyone's week is going well. I have a "How to run a business" conference this weekend, so I've been running back and forth like a chicken sans head. Thankfully, everything is running smoothly and I had time to squeeze in a fresh mani.

I came across this dress on pinterest. I saved it under cute outfits but in reality I can't imagine a logical way I could ever wear these gowns. The gowns are designed by Lirika Matoshi, a fashion inspiration for us all. Out of curiosity Also upon clicking on the website I discovered the dresses are sold for $150 a pop. She also has some seriously insta-worthy bags and tights that make my heart flutter. She is an amazing artist and if you like these and that your price range, by all means click on the picture below and bless them with a purchase.

These gowns remind me of a Star themed high school homecoming. They invite warm feelings of awkward first dances and heels that were too high for comfort. They are hella cute but the sheer dress would appear more like a smock than a delicate covering on my body. But, I am still determined to get these gowns on my nubs somehow. So with inspiration on lock down and desire in my heart, I began my nail art creation.

Varnishes I used:

Base: Nail-Aid “Biotin Ultimate Strength”

-L.A. Colors Mermaid Magic “Golden Sand”

-L.A. Colors Mermaid Magic “In the Nude” 517

Top: Seche Vite “Dry fast Top coat”

L.A Colors can be found in your local dollar tree and beauty supply store

I love the mix of the sheer fabric and metallic stars, it really adds to the fragility of the dress. I wanted to translate the delicate look and maintain the healthy balance of stars and nails.

I have a little glitter pot I found in 5 Below a few months ago that I knew would match perfectly with a nude and glitter combo. So a little dazzle here and a little razzle here, A perfect star mani was born!

Manicure shown with two top coat layers for star protection.

Star Mani Glamour shot

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