Happy Girl standing in Sunset


Self love & Nail Care

My objective is to share resources and tools that can promote
self-healing, nail art/care, and the practice of being happy.

I believe that self-healing is an important part of the human experience and
something that most of us were not taught how to navigate. I believe that the act

of maintaining healthy nails and then beautifying those nails with lacquer is as important as taking

care of the rest of your body. I write and teach about the practice of self-love while sharing tools

that can be used to move past our old wounds. My hope is that Varnished will encourage others to create

a life that is aligned with both current and future goals --- just as it has for me.

My own awakening began in my early 20's, when I began falling into an anxiety-ridden 

depression. The depression crept back from my adolescence and struck me again --- this time,

as a young adult, on her lonesome. It was a combination of stress, lack of understanding of how to 

set boundaries in my relationships, and my simply not knowing how to take care of myself. Of course at
that moment in my life, I thought there was no way out. With no rope in sight, I clung to my creative abilities as

if any interest in participating in my future actually depended on it. I painted portraits,drew pictures , dabbled

into knitting and continued my childhood passion for nail art. Nail varnish became an obsession, from the dazzling

 shimmers to the pungent smell. Since 2010, painting my nails has been an escape,and a way to show my body some appreciation. I have become so obsessed that I even began mixing my own varnishes in my free time. But even with my time invested in creating, I still began to feel hopeless and helpless. I reached out to my family and friends and obtained a therapist for comfort. But I knew that in order to elevate myself  to a desired state of self-love and mental stimulation,

I would have to do some soul searching myself.

I created this blog in an effort to share with women (although, everyone is welcome) that

with just a little compassion for your well-being you can ground, regroup, and begin to piece

your life back together. I changed my lifestyle essentially for my nails.   I changed what and how I

ate, added exercises into my routine, and began paying attention to what goes into and onto my body. I did the best that I could to take care of myself in a way that I could maintain and evolve to a higher state of happiness. 

And through all of this, I'm still learning.  I still struggle ... often,
having a hard time getting back up.  I know I’ve come far from the girl who was so anxious  and afraid that she could barely speak up for herself.  Although that fragile young girl is still a part of my experience, it no longer can defeat me.  I know too much now about how to maintain my happiness.  I  know how to apply the principles of self-love that require the

strong, healthy, brave, and beautiful  part of  me to show up for myself,for my success, and for my future.

Everyday I work to show up.  To dust myself off and try again.  Life can be hard. 

But I believe in change and choice...and in the power we have to start over again and again.